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"Music is part of all of us. We live in a universe of vibrations. Digital music cuts musical sound waves into millions of numbers and then glues them back together. If both quality and quantity matter it is best to give people the full vibration. The density of sound waves is reduced today. Real sound waves are like the rays of the Sun and low quality digital music is like a tanning bed in comparison. Twenty percent of the flavor of food is unacceptable and neither is twenty percent of a sound wave. The SUBCONSCIOUS is affected by it along with the ensuing emotions even if the conscious mind doesn't hear it."

-Glenn Jacobsen & Grammy Award winning sound engineer Blake LaGrange - Mercury Mastering

Bach Cello Suite Prelude - Glenn Jacobsen MP3
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As this site is dedicated to art and beauty I included this rare never before seen footage of my mother who set records as the youngest girl ever in figure skating to pass the old standards for required tests. She trained with Olympian Dorothy Hamill.

I am grateful her training, dedication, and work ethic were passed on to me. Athletics and music are very similar in that they both require performance abilities and lots of training which seem to have become lost in music today.


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Thanks for visiting the site and supporting music. Please read about CDSongZ and C9 Studio. This site and project is dedicated to reviving the music industry by helping the artists, labels, and production teams necessary for good music. During my entire life from early childhood my focus has always been on the integrity of music to uplift people and bring them joy, the kind of joy that makes you forget about everything to live in the moment. Here is what I have learned over decades of experience and knowledge from professionals. Nobody seems to know that the music industry doesn't really exist anymore. It turned into a pay for play tech industry run by iTunes, YouTube, and Facebook and the record labels are owned by the movie labels Sony, Warner Brothers, and Universal. Comcast now owns Universal and AT&T now owns Warner Brothers. iTunes takes 30 percent and record deals cease to exist. People ask me why I don't release my songs on iTunes or put a video on YouTube. The reason is I am not willing to sacrifice the integrity of my music by putting it online in the worst quality audio for a cheap price or for free streaming to conform to modern society and the modern music/tech industry. The industry is completely corrupt and run by paying money to computer nerds to manipulate algorithms with certain wording and click bait so that your article, post, picture or video shows up more on people's computers. For something to go viral it almost always has to have something provocative, vulgar or lustful in it and/or lots of money promoting it. Professionalism and expertise don't really matter when it comes to the internet and that applies to all businesses. I have noticed a lack of musical integrity and musical skill on the current radio and wondered how the music industry got into such a mess. A lot of it has to do with poor audio standards today. I believe to benefit society there needs to be jobs and a music industry again along with the former higher audio standards. Here is a slight bio of myself, but you might want to skip over and check out that video of Joe Walsh confirming everything I have just said about the record industry. This homepage is like a mission statement. Please visit the other pages to learn about what has happened to the world of music and the current industry.


Clarence Clemons, (rockstar saxophonist for Bruce Springsteen, Lady Gaga, and the Grateful Dead), agreed to be my Godfather when I was a baby and his son Nick has made sure he would take care of me by including me in the newly developed huge business, Big Man's West, which was made as a tribute to Clarence. My father was best friends with Clarence for a whole decade in the late 70s and 80s. He babysat and taught guitar to Clarence's first son Nick. I'm thought of as a brother or son to Nick and I care for his son Ayden. Nick Clemons is a talented songwriter with an enormous knowledge of songwriting taught to him by some of the greatest rock and roll stars in history. As a young teenager he was able to go to parties of some big names with his father and learn from stars such as Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen, Jackson Browne, many others, and of course his father Clarence Clemons. I have been fortunate that he has helped me and handed down some of that information to me. I have had contact with another great songwriter, Mose Allison, who has written songs for the Rolling Stones and jazz greats like Bonnie Raitt. He has given me the book 'Songwriters On Songwriting' which is also a wonderful source of information. I must also note that I have always been a fan of and looked up to professional tennis players for their demeanor and athleticism. After meeting Maria Sharapova at Bloomingdale's in NYC something changed inside of me that dramatically enhanced my musical abilities. She is a great example of excellence as she won Wimbledon at the age of 17 and being around her inspired me to strive toward excellence in my music, which helped me achieve my last two awards with one of the songs being dedicated to her.


Nick Clemons has written great songs and I have great songs and we are teaming up when he is ready to rock various venues across the nation, and according to him, across the world due to his very big connections. I'll be singing covers and originals. Nick Clemons will be singing his originals. The band is a fantastic group of some of the best rock and roll musicians in the tristate area and will be performing both original music and covers. He wants me to sing Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi, and Journey songs! Nick will be on lead vocals and rhythm guitar and I will be on lead vocals and lead guitar!

Glenn Jacobsen- Lead guitarist, bassist, and lead singer for the well known Jersey band the Nick Clemons Band, sometimes needed as a backup drummer. Above is a picture of me as a baby with Clarence.


Side photo is at Bar A, NJ playing in the Nick Clemons Band.

Famous Rockstar Joe Walsh From The Eagles "Hotel California" talks about Music Today

CDSongz Project

This is a band, team, business, and musical inspiration. It is a network of extremely successful people who care about music that has accumulated from over 15 years of experience in the current music-tech-social media industry. The concern is for the talented musicians to have a job in the industry again. Record deals need to be put into place again and music must not be free. An artist can't let people come into his gallery and take portraits off the wall for free. This happened to music as a result of the current social media driven music industry where record labels have much less money and influence because of online stores and streaming. The record companies became passive and gave up on the industry because of the complexity of the new digital era. However, the solution is still within their hands, but they just don't know it yet. C9 Studio has solution to fixing the record industry because of crucial knowledge of illegal activity in the tech industry when music was first sold on the internet which could result in billions of dollars having to be returned to the record labels and artists. C9 is partnered with NCB (Nick Clemons Band)  Productions and his new company Big Man's West. Founded in 2015, C9's goal is to make a positive impact in music and help revive the record industry by giving those talented musicians a job in the music industry to give society music that only comes from years of training, experience, and fostered talent. C9 also wants to raise an awareness of sound quality and bring back CD quality sound as the only standard for streaming, radio, digital sales, and portable audio like it was in the past which can be put in place now.


Music is an energy vibration and today's music stores and streaming services are using only 10-20% of the original lossless sound waves created by the artist. The loss occurs when converting music into mp3, streaming, and Bluetooth formats. The conscious mind might not be able to tell the difference, but the subconscious mind can. This difference affects the music industry at large because much of the sound of music has been deleted along with the feelings put into the music. This can change people's preferences and which artists become successful. True musicians that don't write digital music and create music from feelings within their body instead of digital programs are at a serious disadvantage because the conversion affects the human crescendo and decrescendo more than digital or virtual instruments.


Credibility For This Site

Songwriter With Worldwide Awards and Recognition From Music Schools

Part of the Extended Family of Clarence Clemons (godson):

My name is Glenn Jacobsen and I am a musician, multi-instrumentalist and producer from the Jersey Shore. I play and write all types of music but my current project is considered rock. I have just built my own world class studio with all the very best instruments and recording gear for major label standards and my recent project will be done soon. The project is taking longer than expected but will eventually be a full album professionally produced to the highest quality. The music created is all with the intention of helping today's musicians succeed and create beautiful music and for those with exceptionaltalent to be given a job in the industry.


I'm a 3-time Semi-Finalist in one of the biggest world-wide songwriting competitions (judged by actual rockstars) "Song of The Year" in 2009, 2015, and 2016 in the most competitive genres rock and country with unfinished songs. To receive a Semi-Finalist Placement requires being in the top ten songs out of thousands of paid song submissions from all around the world! I'm also a 2-time Paramount Group songwriter award winner in Nashville, TN of the best up and coming songwriters from all over the country. From my vast knowledge of music I've also become a very qualified producer with talent and experience in a multiplatinum recording studio, Unique Studios in NYC, and have met and briefly studied with one of the biggest producers in the world, Rob Fusari (producer 

responsible for naming and producing Lady Gaga as well as cowriting most of her songs) while attending William Paterson University where I was placed on the Dean's List.


I'm originally from Pt. Pleasant, New Jersey and thankful to be partnered with the Nick Clemons Band. I play professionally at fine dining restaurants in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina most of the year.


All original songs written, produced and performed

by Glenn Jacobsen

Recorded at Cloud 9 Studio

Song Of The Year Awards

I'm doing music for the talented musicians today that I've met that aren't heard and for rock legends like Clarence Clemons. His music and talent influenced me more than he'll ever know. Music means so much to me and I've spent most of my life trying to be a good representation of the talent, appreciation, enjoyment, skill level, and culture of music and its role in society (when it was a successful and powerful industry that had a budget for musicians and gave jobs to the truly talented)

Song Of The Year

Love You More - 2009

This is Jennifer with the Song of the Year songwriting contest. I
am contacting you about the material you submitted into the
previous contest. Even though your material did not
place as a Winner or Finalist, you still did incredibly well in the contest. You had an entry that received the Semi-Finalist
placement as listed on your personalized placement page at

The 'Semi-Finalist' placement is the highest placement next only to the one winner and four finalists from each category. 

Your personalized placement page has been created for you
so that you can reference your songwriting accomplishment from your website, press kit, biography, promotional materials, etc... 
It will remain online for years to come.

Great job and congratulations on your songwriting placement!

Support Staff
Song of the Year 


Maria's In Town - 2015

Just Another Daydream - 2016

Musical Integrity At Its Finest From the Most Popular Band from the 20th Century


Journalist: Well not many people can do four nights in a row, one off, another three nights. (laughing)
Steve Perry: Not with blistering high frequency notes like that.

Journalist: Oh, man!
Steve Perry: And almost two hour shows, you know. It can steal from the other side (laughing).

Journalist Yeah, yeah. Well, what did you do to keep fresh at that time?
Steve Perry: Well, what was funny about that was I wouldn't know what I did. Or maybe I should rephrase that; I didn't know what I had left until the next day. And that was the hardest thing to have to explain to the rest of the band members, the neurotic fear that I would be going through because I'm in one city tonight and all I know is I've got to give it everything and I'm not going to skate it. I'm going to put it out there. And I would. And I wouldn't know how much I borrowed from tomorrow's show until the next day.

Journalist: Yeah.
Steve Perry: So I'd wake up in the morning in fear. Do I have laryngitis? Is it gone? Is it there? So I would just try to speak on the phone or say something. And then I would be in fear. I couldn't try to sing because it's too early. So, I would just shut up and live in fear for the rest of the day until about 4 o'clock, when it's too late to cancel the show. And now I'm doing the soundcheck, and now, during the soundcheck is when I find out what I have for the night. But I did get to a point where I would try my best to not borrow too much of what I need for tomorrow because I need to make it across the week at least for that day off. Then I wouldn't talk for 24 hours.

Journalist: In the time that you joined the band you guys out out five albums in pretty quick succession. You put out five albums in a period that bands today take to put out one. And that's including writing and touring! You must not have had a life outside the band.
Steve Perry: No, that is your life. That is what you give yourself to because this becomes your life. This is your girlfriend. And she needs all your time. If you're going to make this relationship work, you've got to give her 100% of your time. There was no time for anything else. None. None whatsoever.