What would football be like without the NFL? What would baseball be without the MLB? What If Prize Money and Sponsorships were completely removed from sports? What would happen to sports? That's what happened to music.

The music industry is such an integral part of American society and virtually nobody knows anything about it or what has happened to it. The internet covers it up and lies about it. I have learned many things from being a professional musician looking to further my art and career in music. The article below is the most comprehensive and accurate information about the music industry which I acquired from highly experienced professional music attorneys, social media experts, musicians, and my own experience.

Much of this information was taken from 2 credible sources:

I paid an attorney $1500 and a social media expert $500 to attain this knowledge.

Music attorney Ron Bienstock- manager of Dream Theater

Social Media Professional Gordon Bahary- 1st digital audio tape recording sound engineer in history for major star Stevie Wonder's Secret Life of Plants album. He now owns Right Touch Media Facebook marketing company and knows the secret of the complete Facebook algorithm from Mark Zuckerberg.

(Gordon has 170,000 fans on FB by manipulating the secret algorithm that only he and Mark Zuckerberg know)

Gordon who makes money from Facebook said it was designed as a 'scam' which only 10% of businesses know how to use properly and that it was made that way for a reason so people would invest much more money into it than they really have to. He told me his favorite post that made a client of his go viral and gain tens of thousands of fans which reads, "If you think your boyfriend's cheating on you, would you cheat on him too?".

The algorithm of Facebook is in the field of marketing and was designed to capitalize on people's primitive instincts like fear, anger, lust, grief, seduction, and vulgarity. Love, peace, and joy are a much lower priority and have less likelihood of going viral. The algorithm only works for people that regularly pay Facebook and post every 3-5 days. All other posts are seen by an average of 10% of one's fans on the 'fan page'. Because of this, when the entire music industry and many legitimate businesses rely on Facebook to succeed there is consequently an enormous loss of integrity in music, society, the entire world of business, and true productivity.

HERE IS HOW FACEBOOK AND MOST INTERNET SEARCH ENGINES OPERATE: There is a master algorithm and you either fit into it or not. It was designed for profit with knowledge of users' addictive tendencies and as a result makes more NEGATIVE people and messages go viral because they will get more clicks known as click bait. Google's search results are corrupt because they are customized for each individual's search habits, preferences, and clickability.

This is having a deleterious effect on society. Check out this article and consider using DuckDuckGo. 



Important Note

One of the architects of modern life, Steve Jobs, is quoted as saying, "All artists steal from each other," which is false because music is a common language with 12 notes just like English is a common language with 26 letters and common expressions such as, "It's a great day today." Steve Jobs then did something unimaginable... To help his failing company Apple he created the company iTunes which lowered the standards for the quality and price of music globally and took 30% of the income from virtually all record sales, but which has never yet offered full CD quality music. The music sold is missing more than 80% of the recorded sound waves to sell smaller files that trick most people's hearing, but lack the subtle nuances that give music much more feeling, energy, depth, and beauty. This was how Apple became successful. They used the money they made from music sales to promote Apple products and develop the iPhone. Society unknowingly chose computers over music because at that point the physical audio waves in the universe as we knew it got reduced by 80-90% which would be like reducing the amount of light by switching to a smaller light bulb that is bright but hurts the eyes. Another comparison is today's music is more like a strobe light instead of a regular light. Just because sound is invisible doesn't mean you can chop it up into numbers, delete 80%, and have no effect. Music has never been the same ever since and it's likely contributing to a negative effect on our health. Steve Jobs himself was a great example of poor health. Currently, life expectancy went down 2 years in a row and the new generations are getting shorter as proven by doctors. Here are some superstar athletes with records that may never be broken who grew up with higher quality music, higher quality TV audio, and without smartphones:


Serena Williams, Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal,

Tiger Woods & Michael Phelps

(All born in the Pre-Smartphone Analog Era)

The Solution:

After many hours and even months of contemplating the current music industry I found the solution that would certainly be accomplished and bring back billions of dollars to the record companies and artists.







  • I have an easily workable business idea that would help record companies and talented artists regain control of the industry. I cannot explain it here on this site

  • The current music industry has turned into an art gallery in which the artist can only sell cheap photocopies instead of original canvas and customers can come in and take whatever they want without paying

  • It is important to note that many people like the collapse of the record industry and support the change with much resistance in fixing it because all of a sudden you can get famous without any real talent within the real world

  • Talent in music is a God-given privilege and if there were jobs for those that have true talent it would enhance entertainment and benefit the world and society greatly

  • The forgotten men and women of this country are the truly talented musicians that won't be able to develop or use their musical gifts to their greatest capacity because there is no job that supports their efforts

  • Music has fallen to the point where people that are obsessed with explicit lyrics and can put them into a rhythmic expression can now become rockstars over those with exceptional musical abilities

  • Quality vs. Quantity: Today, society in general cares more about quantity than quality. It is more desirable today to have every song in the world for free in the lowest possible audio quality rather than a CD or album collection of all their favorite artists in high quality audio. The act of purchasing an album is a form of music appreciation and usually strengthens a fan base. (The idea is to really know what kind of music you really love so that you only buy albums you love.)

Rockstar Joe Walsh on Music Today

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What Happened to the Music Industry?​

The Music Industry Turned into a

Pay For Play Tech Industry

If you removed prize money and sponsorship from sports, athletes wouldn't be of the same quality and most athletes with tons of talent wouldn't have a chance to compete without a sponsor. That's what happened to the music industry. Today, everyone uses pitch correction which is like bumpers for bowling. Computers don't have feeling, humans do. Auto-tune pitch correction is a counterfeit vibration made by a computer and takes the human feeling out of music. iTUNES lowered the price of music, lowered the quality of music, and put all major record companies out of business. FACEBOOK makes celebrities out of a digital ALGORITHM and CLICK BAIT instead of talent. YOUTUBE has the lowest quality sound on the internet and is the main source of music videos. Those three companies run the entire industry. Music as we used to know it does not exist on the internet which is the sole entertainment and focus of our modern society. Depression went UP and life expectancy went DOWN.

I believe we need better MUSIC.

Today, iTunes, Facebook, YouTube, Google and social media have taken the place of record companies. In the past, record companies had much more money and influence before social media, digital sales, and streaming. Before the digital tech era, the best musicians would compete against each other for the prime Friday or Saturday spot and were sought after by record companies through A&R reps which would lead to getting a major record deal. When the industry was at its peak it produced the most talented artists because they were all competing for that big deal, which only came from hard work and usually rare God-given talent. With money comes talent and it was much greater in the 1970s and 1980s that produced stars like Michael Jackson, Steve Perry, Steve Tyler, Whitney Houston, Barbara Streisand, and Eddie Van Halen to name a few. The singers didn't use pitch correction and had vocal ranges that are unheard of today. The creative songwriting produced timeless hits that lasted decades instead of only years like it does today. Back then the money advance was a range of $100,000-$500,000, which is equal to a range of $630,000-$3,000,000 dollars in today's value due to inflation. Sometimes they would throw in a nice car all as an advance for the money record labels would recoup in album sales.


Currently, all record companies went out of business and the only ones surviving are the movie labels such as Warner Brothers, Sony and Universal. In fact, they are considered the 'big three' by rockstars and music professionals world wide and are only in existence because they have a huge profit from movies. Comcast now owns Universal and AT&T owns Warner Brothers. Where is the budget for musicians, record deals and artist acquisition? There is none. The other record companies usually collaborate together and have one of the big three labels as their parent company. For instance, Columbia Records is now a subsidiary of Sony and Capitol Records has Universal as their parent company. The only way a major record label will sign you today is if you have at least 100,000 fans on Facebook or a similar amount of YouTube views, which is usually only created by manipulating computer algorithms with the helpful hands of rich investors and professional social media experts. Some artists resort to buying Facebook fans, but this isn't helpful and can be detrimental to getting a record contract because the record labels know it's fake and it also hurts the research of the true demographics of real fans. For those artists that are fortunate enough to get signed, the major labels are only able to help about 1% of their artists because of the overriding power of social media and a lack of money from album sales to invest in artists, e.g., iTunes takes 30%. Therefore, a 'signed deal' means virtually nothing and no money advance because the industry has been taken over by social media and digital streaming which hurts the musicians, overall album production, record sales, record labels, and society by completely leveling the field and forcing some of the most talented musicians out of music. The only positive is the many videos you can easily watch today, but the overall production is not like what it used to be and neither is the standard audio quality used for listening.

Here is the Music Industry Today as an Analogy Very Close to the Truth... 

The company Apple is the Apple Tree who wants all the apples for themselves. The Scarecrow is the record labels that are trying and failing to prosper again. Dorothy is exactly what she is (a poor girl with a beautifully trained voice who would never be heard today because she's not trendy). The yellow brick road is Facebook that leads to a fake wizard (fake fame) called Oz. Finally, the Wicked Witch is the tech industry trying to control every aspect of the entertainment industry by figuring out how to get more clicks in whatever way they can. 

Knowledge is love and light and vision. 

-Helen Keller

Truth is by nature self-evident. As soon as you remove the cobwebs of ignorance that surround it, it shines clear.

-Mahatma Gandhi

Where ignorance is our master there is no possibility of real peace.

-Dalai Lama

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

-Ben Franklin